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To the Shepherd's Pie for a moment. I just want to mention that this was absolutely knock-your-socks-off Shepherd's Pie... fabulous! I know it doesn't look appetizing at all in the picture here, but I used two secret ingredients, in addition to starting with ground turkey because Fortino's had no other ground meat. Secret ingredient #1 - a big jar of babyfood squash (Stage 2, if it makes a difference), and Secret ingredient #2 - little tiny cubes of mango. The weird thing is, I asked Ted to name the secret ingredient - and then I couldn't find a single piece of mango. There was a WHOLE mango in this thing, all cut into cubes, and every single cube simply vanished, leaving behind a subtle yellowy sweetness. Very subtle, because it was a pretty underripe, nasty mango. I used it basically because I wanted to see if I could grow out the pit as yet another Winter Gardening project. :-)
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