Cheerful baby, miserable me

Oh, no... SO tired. Woke up stuffy & miserable at 3:30 for the 120th time in a row and then it took over an hour on the sofa to fall back asleep. THIS HOUSE IS KILLING ME... just not fast enough; it's taking its time, little by little.
And then the baby woke up at 5. He doesn't wail in the morning now, just kind of whimpers - it's a low-grade crying, so hopefully that means he's getting used to the idea that 6 a.m. is the absolute earliest we will have anything to do with him.
Anyway, after I took him into the bed at 6 and nummied him, of course I fell back into the most deep and precious sleep. So then didn't get up with the big kids, and I felt SO sick I got entirely pissed off at the universe.
Ted's job is awful, but at least he gets sick days. Oh, and a paycheque. MY job is the closest thing to slavery that exists in this country... long hours, hard, active days with ZERO compensation and ZERO benefits; including no right to call in sick if I feel as lousy as I did this morning. I hate hate hate this.
Anyway, Ted couldn't stay and left saying, "I know this isn't what you want," like it was my personal preference to lounge about in bed snacking on bon bons and he wasn't going to indulge my silly whims any longer. When really I thoroughly doubted, and still doubt, my ability to look after these needy little children SANELY throughout the course of this awful, awful day.
With me still in bed, he locked Naomi in her room, left the baby in the Exersaucer and walked out.
So I got up and had a shower. Slavery was abolished long ago, and like Dr Laura points out, at least I have some control over the course of my day. We're heading down to the Nathan Phillip's Farmer's Market to meet Sara at 11... hope that cheers me up a bit. They have Starbucks there, so it should.
<3 J
Supper last night (Monday):
Perogies and delicious homemade tuna patties, frozen corn & garden beans

Supper tonight:
Nothing! I'm going to make Ted suffer.
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