Oven's broken! And a ballerina comes to call!

Oy, the oven is broken after working fine last night and I was going crazy trying to figure out what was for supper and I finally decided oven fried rice - ah, the irony.  Everything works except the BAKE feature - self-clean, broil, etc.  That can't and won't be a cheap fix and we have NO MONEY at the moment at all.  My mother pointed out we have an oven in the basement... oy... maybe get Ted to light the pilot at least so I can accomplish some Rosh Hashana baking.  It's not even kosher down there.  :-(((
Meanwhile, Naomi Rivka didn't sleep at all after being exhausted after lunch and finally I was about to get her up and she said I should change her diaper because she had a "kakkie" in it (who knows how you spell that???  weird that I've been using the word for however-long and never stopped to spell it out...).
Anyway, I went ballistic because she'd been awake the whole time and could have asked to go to the potty.  Which I said to her:  "Naughty girl - you sat on Elisheva's bed and made a kakkie?!?  I don't mind if you do it when you're sleeping, but if you're awake, that's very naughty!"
At which point, she looked really sorry, and said, "it was a ballerina!"  Like that explained everything.
Umm... what?
I pictured some kind of torpedo poo sliding out of her gracefully... so I softened a little and said, "umm... what?"
"What's it called when it comes out really fast?" she asked.
OHhhhh.... DIARRHEA.
"Okay," I said... "let's go change your diaper."
She will never, ever live this one down.  :-)))
<3 J
Oven-fried rice
Chicken stir-fry
Leftover Shabbos chicken soup
I hope.
The oven-fried rice is in my mother's oven now.  Bagh.
They all look so dumb.
Ted's on his way home... must produce something resembling food.


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