Farmers' Market Supper - Wednesday

I know it's a few days late, but I just realized I had these pictures in my camera...


Farmer's market supper: orange "cheddar" cauliflower, corn, potato-leek soup, Ace bread, and milkshake!!! The cheddar cauliflower tastes nothing like cheddar, but retains most of its lovely orange hue. I roasted it with curry powder and olive oil... delicious!


Family supper: Mommy took Nanny down to the hospital, so Daddy and Abigail came here. I made the world's most delicious pasta sauce with a medley of Children's Garden tomatoes... then wasted it on a bunch of Fettuce. It came out tasting overly dry and exactly like tinned tomato sauce. Not bad, just not stunning, the way the sauce was on its own. Quel Disappointing.


Family again! With Mommy and Sara here this time. Standard issue. Chicken (shake n' bake sugary bbq sauce flavour, which was a huge hit!), kugel (undersalted), corn. Oh, mushroom crepes were the outstanding hit of the evening. Could not find the beets I'd bought at the farmer's market intending to roast them for Shabbos. Half were here but the other half, still stashed in a hat from when they'd been in the bottom of the carriage on Wednesday, were mysteriously ABSENT. Finally found them today (Sunday) tossed, still in the hat, into the laundry bin. Elisheva denies responsibility, but she was the one who cleared the coffee table and sofa, so I'm suspicious...

Naomi's finally asleep, must go do something productive. Oh! The grass is up! I'll post those pics first.

<3 J
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