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P.S. I was too sick

to enjoy my Shabbos alone - gack.  My regular allergic stuffiness and sniffling has been replaced by the extreme sneezing and snottiness of a cold - what a delightful change of pace.  So I was all alone with the baby all night and all day and too miserable to enjoy a nice late night of reading... :-(((
Had to pause there and sneeze a bunch of times.  Must run now to sneeze some more.
Achoo.  At least the constant sneezing keeps the baby amused.
He heard someone sneeze yesterday and signed NOISY, which he also does for trucks going past, etc.  He has also spontaneously signed BOOK and CHEESE.  He signed CHEESE when I served him some, even though I hadn't served it in a while and hadn't signed it first.  He also signs BIRD and DUCK and uses two fingers for DUCK so it looks different from BIRD.  (he uses the top fingers only, so BIRD just looks like a wiggly pointer finger) 
He also says "duck" and his pronunciation of a few other words ("cat") is getting better too.
He is much more confident on his feet, and usually only needs one finger plus another object to haul himself around.  And when sitting down, he is loving the scooting motion of his tushie to get himself basically anywhere.  We are all being super-careful with the Down Door now that he can get over there... he is very interested in doors in general.
I love this baby, but on Thursday, when Naomi slept in Elisheva's room because they were leaving for Ottawa in the morning, he cried and cried for literally three hours.  Last night was a bit better, but tonight he has been wailing off and on.  He really misses having her in there, I think.
Okay, this is kind of backwards since I've already referred to it, but Ted & Naomi Rivka left for Ottawa with Bobby (Ted's brother) at 6 a.m. yesterday.  Naomi asked me Wednesday night what colour Bobby's car was, and I guessed it was white - and I guessed right.  Naomi was thrilled to be on her way, even though it came as a surprise.  Just hopped right in without a backwards glance.  Sigh... my baby... and all that.
I talked to her briefly before Shabbos.  My biggest worry was the Shabbos thing - the two of them being an island of Shabbos in a family of definitely NOT Shabbos.  But probably everybody was so busy with the wedding (Ted's nephew) that they won't have been around much.  I hope Ted got a chance to party with his nephew a bit after Shabbos went out.  And how lovely for everybody to enjoy Naomi.  Is that super-conceited of me, or what, to assume that everybody enjoys my children every bit as much as I do???  But why wouldn't they?  She's lovely!  (despite crying and whining all the time)
Hope Ted comes back with some serious Ottawa bagel action... :-)))
Thursday - Freezer supper!:
~ Blintzes
~ Fish (sole fried in pan)
~ Creamed corn
Sara was here, and I was going to have an easy Shabbos because I felt crappolish so when I drove Elisheva up to her friend's house, I went over to Sobey's to buy prepared side dishes etc... only to discover... no %$@ BANK CARD.  Drat, drat, drat.  So I came home and made Sara fry up some latke mix and did sweet potatoes and I made shake n' bake boneless chicken thighs and in the end it was okay.  Everything was delicious, we had a nice supper with the baby.  Surreal and maybe a little awkward having the whole house to ourselves.  I kept apologizing for feeling yuck when I didn't feel the least sorry, just antisocial.  But it's nice having company for Shabbos; keeps me from cracking open a novel with supper and forgetting about Shabbos altogether.
Gut voch!  (YM made havdalah in Ted's absence, which I think puffed him up a little... though I forgot and sent him to brush his teeth, and then he had to rebrush them after havdalah)
<3 J


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