Week in Suppers!

Sunday: BBQ at parents' place

Monday: Shepherd's Pie, garden beans

The tomato seen here is from the garden but I don't remember what it is... Gaaah! Maybe Purple Cherokee??? No idea - how horrible!
We had two of the Blanche Beauté tomatoes on Sunday evening at my parents' house. I read somewhere online that white tomatoes just taste pale but to me, they tasted delicate and quite nice. However, I am totally into the dark, smoky, black and purple tomatoes at the moment. Not enough of them ripening to keep me happy - aaargh. They're just sitting there, shivering their bunnies off.

(whatever that means)

Tuesday: Broccoli quiche, farmers' market Fingerling potatoes, split pea soup and - yes, more peas, frozen ones this time, on the side.

Wednesday (tonight): Salmon loaf with basmati rice and tinned french-style beans, crispy cinnamon oven-baked tortillas afterwards.
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