Naomi, on finding a bunch of change in the laundry

Me: Let's take it upstairs and put it in the pushke - if we find money in the laundry, it's not ours, we put it in the pushke.

Naomi: If there's an old man in your house, you can give it to him. If there is an old man in your house, you puuuuuut it in the pushke, and then he takes it out!

Okay, then.

Since last Sunday, she's gone totally off brisses, her fascination of the last almost-one-year... she's now making weddings. She'll walk in and announce "I'm getting married!" And everybody had better pay attention OR ELSE.

She seems to think a kallah is the most pedantic kind of teacher, because her weddings always come off sounding more like an ultra-bossy circle time. Where she gets to stand on a steppy-stool and announce repeatedly, "okay, guys - guys, okay!"

Elisheva said she doesn't think they say "guys" that often at a real wedding. Her weddings can also get very loud. Oy.
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