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They came!

It's here!

Supper from the freezer!
Breaded lemon/lime-thyme sole
TetraPak Roasted Red Pepper soup
Frozen peas

Tomorrow supper @ the parents house... yum! Read more

These ARE the after pictures.

OK, even at its most stunning, this bathtub is never going to win any beauty contests. But at least it's clean. This is AFTER me spending a whole hour yesterday afternoon scrubbing every single… Read more

New word: Gosling!

Naomi, drawing a person at the table... "mommy, look - I made wings and it's a sibling [pronounced "sibbi-ling"]"... I almost asked "is it a brother or a sister?" wh… Read more

Going away again!

Well, the parentals are going away again in the fall... and I finally clued in to the fact that they're doing my dad's "bucket list" (apparently a reference to a movie I didn'… Read more

Just cuz

The last post had such a blah and unflattering picture, here are some decent ones - Ted took them - to make up for that awful shot of the bathtub.

Can't believe she's old enough for bead-stri… Read more

Just when I think I've at least written down the whole list...

(the kvetch list, that is) comes another one: we have the ugliest, dirtiest bathtub in the entire known universe. Look at that grout! Look at the mould! If it's not orange mould, it… Read more

Last week's kvetch list

In case you're interested in more of me whining... I actually wrote a list on the fridge:
~ taps - bathroom tap leaking
~ kitchen wall - hole where Elisheva hit the wall
~ wall - not sure what I mea… Read more

It may not be a snazzy new Kenmore dryer, but...

Look what Ted made for me!!!
After over 3 years in this house, at last, we have backyard drying capability. There is still one pulley thing that needs a rope so the close-to-the-house end can be rai… Read more

Is it a fish supper? A pasta supper? A garden-lettuce supper?

Yes, you read that right... fresh, fresh lettuce straight from the backyard square-foot garden!!!

This was last night - Wednesday. As for tonight, I have NO CLUE... waaah!
Everybody had dentist'… Read more

When's a girl supposed to launder?!?

The chart at right indicates the expected forecast for the next week or so. Basically, rain, rain, RAIN every single day. I suppose the gardener in me should be happy but the struggling, dryer-less… Read more

Oy, I'm so out of it...

This article explains why I couldn't find as many outdoor "cultural" activities last summer! Hmm... sad, but true. So I'm planning our little doses of outdoor culture for this summ… Read more

End of the Moby Era (snif)

The Moby is gone... I sold it yesterday for $35 along with a fleece pouch I never ended up using for Gavriel Zev. SO sad... this was definitely my favourite newborn babywearing thing, although the… Read more

Well, wouldn't ya know it?!?

The bloody dryer was about an inch too big to fit through the laundry-room door. Umm... hey, guys - next time you're moving appliances into an old house, howboutcha measure first?!?!

We told Mary … Read more

Jealous of Ted's camera! (with suppers)

These swingin' action pictures were taken by Ted's slightly-better-than-mine Sony camera. I love Naomi in the action shots!

Sunday - Father's Day:
For some reason, I didn't want to BBQ.… Read more

Don't be RUDE... have some Shabbos food!

Tired potatoes! Up at last - actually, they've outgrown the first layer of tires... this picture was a few days ago already.

Shabbos Food 6/13/2008

Raisin Challah
Chicken Soup
Mini Spring Rolls from… Read more

Oh, one more...

The laundry room door is broken - the bottom hinge is off. Guess that's a mixed blessing - it won't be so hard to take off when Ted needs to take out the dead washer and dryer. :-( Read more

Here's Naomi's mood today...

Probably mirrors the mood / attitude she's getting from me. But I don't know if I can help it! Aaargh.

We just never get a single step forward around here without about a million steps back… Read more

Small Petunia Triumph (photo-documented)

Emerging as almost-microscopic seedlings on February 17th. (click the picture and maybe they'll be visible - I can see them in the full-sized version here)

Still tiny & very cold in the basem… Read more

See this knob???

<--- Looks mighty functional, doesn't it???

Well, think again. This washing machine is about to join its Brother Dryer in the Big Sky Appliance Warehouse of Dreams. This knob is basically go… Read more

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