Last week's kvetch list

In case you're interested in more of me whining... I actually wrote a list on the fridge:
~ taps - bathroom tap leaking
~ kitchen wall - hole where Elisheva hit the wall
~ wall - not sure what I meant by this!
~ mice - self-explanatory
~moths - ditto
~ sticky floors - always
~ hot - well, at least that hasn't been a problem this week...
~ baby pee - the baby was refusing to pee for hours and hours at a time. In the heat, I thought there was a small chance that he was dehydrating, except for how jolly he was insisting on being every single minute. And that he did it on cold days, too. I think he just doesn't like to be wet - so we're sitting him on the potty now...
~ diapers - rapidly being outgrown. No luck on Freecycle. :-(
~ woollies - ditto, and the serger is broken, hence no chance of new diapers or woollies, and the next item on my list:
~ serger
~ freezer (new) - hey! this one's actually fixed... we have a new small chest freezer in the basement humming away. Yay!
~ article overdue - self-explanatory, and yes, it's still overdue
~ summer vac - vac = vacation; you don't think I'd actually vacuum, right?
~ kids, okay, kids
~ weight - that's my weight, in case you're wondering... baby weight, right?

Don't you love the sticky blood-looking smears & messy crinkles of the page? I forgot I wrote this and we wrote out shopping list this week on the other side. I love having a shopping list, btw... fairly new development in this family, like maybe 2 years. No idea what we used to do before shopping lists! Ted says "we used to buy the same sort of stuff all the time."
Oh, he just said "we used to run to Dominion a lot, I think."
Well, whatever we used to do, this way is better.

Ted's finally making the Nanaimo Bar mix he bought a few months ago. I refused to touch it because it's so potchkedik (3 steps), and besides which, it doesn't save any time or anything making nanaimo bars from a mix!!! You still have to mix the base, press the base, wait half an hour, mix the middle, spread the middle, wait half an hour, mix the chocolate, spread the chocolate, wait and wait and wait. It's not like you just mix, pour, bake and eat.

I do love the fact that you're supposed to make it in an 8 x 8" square pan... and then it says on the box in big letters "makes 40 bars!" Have they ever seen an 8 x 8 pan? You can't get 40 of anything out of those things! On the side it reveals that the so-called bars are 1x1.5"... umm, I wouldn't call those bars, I'd call them morsels! Nanaimo "morsels." "Here's your whopping inch o' Nanaimo-yumminess."

OK, end of rant. Going to either watch Good Morning Vietnam or wash the dishes - or both.

Supper tonight:
Macaroni - 4 boxes and it's all gone! :-o
Stir fry - onion, red pepper, celery... pretty basic but yummy with sesame oil, seeds & tamari. Would have been a main dish if we'd had tofu or chicken here.

<3 J
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