Oy, I'm so out of it...

This article explains why I couldn't find as many outdoor "cultural" activities last summer!
Hmm... sad, but true.
So I'm planning our little doses of outdoor culture for this summer and the offerings seem nowhere near as rich as past seasons:
~ Cooking Fire (this weekend - Abi wants us to go tomorrow; Sara wants us to go on Sunday... Ted thinks Abi may win this one)
~ Dusk Dances (July)
~ Dream in High Park (all summer - and I've emailed them to see if I can volunteer)
~ Dusk Dances (August)
And that's it?!?  Maybe I'll poke around a bit more.
Elisheva's friend Shula came over, so we were all (mostly) on our best behaviour
~ Homemade pizza
~ Homemade creamy mushroom soup (deeelishus)
Wednesday (ie today):
~ Pasta with salmon, no idea yet what kind of sauce
Drove down to Riverdale with the littles this morning to catch the milking.  We actually got there on time (10:30) - yay!!!
Naomi has been crying and crying all day, so I put her to bed right away when we came home (after nummies), but now she is just lying there not sleeping, and miserable bc she hasn't had lunch yet... what am I supposed to do?
I think the big kids' screaming is really seriously undermining her healthy, positive outlook and making her even borderline depressed.  Who wouldn't be if every single day started & ended with screaming and fighting?!?
I want to send YM away; far, far away when he's like this.  These kids deserve a peaceful household.  They all do, including him, but if he's the source of disturbance, well... it's just not fair.  :-(
<3 J


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