Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

See this knob???

<--- Looks mighty functional, doesn't it???

Well, think again. This washing machine is about to join its Brother Dryer in the Big Sky Appliance Warehouse of Dreams. This knob is basically good for turning ON each cycle if you don't care if the cycle advances or ever shuts off. Bad, bad, bad.

Mary has offered us her "special realtor" discount of up to 40% at the Brick. But even at up to 40% off, the prices of a wash/dry pair are more than we have budget for at the mo'... :-(

Meanwhile, just a couple of garden highs!

Potatoes! These lovely specimens are purple potatoes and the shoots & leaves are darker than the standard Yukon Gold ones. I planted these in the "scrap heap" area by the back door, then let Elisheva toss some cosmos seeds on top thinking it would pretty up the little patch... but I have no clue how I'm going to hill the soil up around the 'tatoes without killing the cosmos.
Very, very carefully, I guess!

And, then, of course, my pretty-as-a-picture petunias, grown from seeds in the very, very early winter. Maybe I'll try to find pics from when they sprouted to give some perspective as to how far they've come in their short little lives... Anyway, they are lovely, and like I said last night, faintly candy-scented. I wonder how I'd go about saving their seeds???

<3 J
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