Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Just when I think I've at least written down the whole list...

(the kvetch list, that is) comes another one: we have the ugliest, dirtiest bathtub in the entire known universe. Look at that grout! Look at the mould! If it's not orange mould, it's black mould and falling-apart grout and soap scum and omg... the bathroom is so clammy and disgusting-smelling. No wonder the kid in the picture (no relation to sunny ol' me, of course!) is screeching her head off.

Anyway, resolution for tomorrow: I will clean the bathroom. This is one NOT to add to the list but just to step up to the plate and take care of it.

Let's just see if it gets done.


YM-made sloppy joes! Yay! We were in Sobey's and he said Sloppy Joes, and I said okay, bought all the stuff, and then, at home, just quietly handed over the task to him. He almost refused to put the onion in, but I said a) it was cooked, and b) if he wouldn't, I'd do it myself and he wouldn't get to eat any. Yum. Had it on kaiser buns, with Sobeys-bought shanghai noodles (perfumey-tasting & gross) and roasted veggies (also a bit perfumey, undercooked and bland).

But it was supper, and as I say every Sunday, any supper I don't have to make myself is a delicious one!

Last CD3 (Computer Discovery 3) class today - yay! We did LimeWire, downloaded some music from there and from another site,, that YM and I just heard about on the way to class. It was fun; I chucked my entire lesson plan out the window (I was going to do, but Iwasn't thrilled about pushing a big network dealy like that) in order to teach this other site I had never seen or heard of before! It went amazingly well, and we got some Little Orphan Annie and other old-timey stuff downloaded and then burnt to CDs, so everyone got a decent take-home from the course. All 3 students.

Ooooh... and they gave me a gift: they bought me a (digital) alarm clock as a token of their gratitude. Nice!
Ted's off work tomorrow, and I must MUST deliver this "spare" air conditioner (not really spare) to someone in cyberspace that I promised it to. Long story...

<3 J
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