Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Don't be RUDE... have some Shabbos food!

Tired potatoes! Up at last - actually, they've outgrown the first layer of tires... this picture was a few days ago already.

Shabbos Food 6/13/2008

Raisin Challah
Chicken Soup
Mini Spring Rolls from Sobeys
Broccoli on the side? of...
Roast Chicken a la Lemon Thyme stuffed w/leftover Shavuos challah
Brownie mix cookies (getting a bit tired of those, folks, but can't think of what else to make!)

Lunch - Dairy.

Tortellini salad
Grama's frying-pan FUDGE, mmm... Elisheva's out buying Jello cooked pudding mix - it's getting harder and harder to find.
Umm... what else?
Cheese, Ted's buying bagels... you know, dairy stuff.

YM's friend Elijah is coming over. He's going to camp in Israel next month... imagine having a kid with the maturity to just stick him on an airplane. :-(

I bumped into an old friend of YM's from Netivot last week at Sobey's. He was in the cheese section, looking for Ricotta. He was on the phone and aaalmost towered over me (ok, maybe around my height) with that awkward booming voice all the boys have. And I just had a pang of "oh - so this is what we're missing." But other days, I am so, so grateful for my weird but wonderful never-grows-up little boy. Ted says he'll catch up eventually, like when he's 25. Can't hardly wait.

Must go cook some of that yummy Shabbos stuff!

<3 J

P.S. I have no idea what the rhyme in the subject line is supposed to mean. Yay, Elisheva's home - hope she brought pudding mix!
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