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Going away again!

Well, the parentals are going away again in the fall... and I finally clued in to the fact that they're doing my dad's "bucket list" (apparently a reference to a movie I didn't see)... the "no more procrastination" list he made while he was lying in the ICU of all the places they need to see together.  So far this year, they've been to Israel, Vegas, Victoria, and Montreal (to see Abi graduate!).  And in the fall they're off on a European cruise.  I'm jealous, but hopeful that someday that will be me.
(if there's anything left of their inheritance to spend on myself)
<3 J
P.S.  Yes, the pace of it frightens the bejeepers out of me a bit, especially after the last rather sedentary 40 years I've known them.  I suspect it means what I think it means, but don't want to think about that...
P.P.S.  Smack!  So selfish, thinking about the inheritance, even after daddy sat us down at Chanukah to tell us, basically, the exact numbers of how much we were getting...
So!  Supper:
Weird tinned green-bean / frozen-corn casserole based loosely on this recipe.  Except I'm making the cream of celery soup myself.  And I don't have sliced almonds or butter-flavoured crackers, so I mixed ground pecans with corn flake crumbs to put on top.  OK, it's not at all like the recipe listed.  Maybe it'll be yummy anyway!  :-)