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Towel, Head

Damp-haired, wiggly-front-tooth little girl on the verge of 7, I love you. Read more

Note to Self about Cheese

Dear Self,Thank you for your recent interest in Cheesemaking. I appreciate the time you have taken to order supplies, read blogs and online recipes.  However, if you read a little further, you’ll pro… Read more

Lapbooking Story of the World (for free)

Wow!  If you are using Story of the World Volume 1 for Ancient History, or are planning to use it at any point in the future, head on over here and download the FREE lapbook this mama put together ov… Read more

Cute little sailor

Ooops… gotta watch how you use the free papers as dropsheets for art projects.  I do tear out the “pornographic ads” section at the very back (yes, yes, I know most proper parents would be careful no… Read more

Second-“guest”ing myself…

Which is more nebbach…?*  * (definition and more fun words over here on Chaviva’s Kvetching Editor blog!)When I was a single mom with 2 little kids and everybody used to invite us for Shabbos meals?… Read more

Learning the Alef-Bais… all over again!

Gavriel Zev is greatly enjoying our weekly alef-bais “studies.”  I wasn’t originally planning a handwriting component, but his handwriting in English is coming along by leaps and bounds, so I have de… Read more

A Child’s Geography Book 1 FREE printable “postcard” narration page

We are just moving into this geography book, A Child’s Geography Book 1: Explore His Earth, by Ann Voscamp (not to be confused with the much older V.M. Hillyer book of the same title) which looks fan… Read more

Grammar geeks, titter with me...

Copy-editing an article about wedding programs that includes the line:

"Attractively designed in the colours of the wedding, we were immediately able to follow the order of events and identify th… Read more


My hobby-o-the-moment… (as of, um, midnight last night)I come from a long line of talented crafty-knitty people… but I’ve always known I’m not one of them.Technically, I have knitted before.  Once, a… Read more

Hey, Rob Ford! Cut THIS!

Toronto’s newish Toon Town Mayor, Rob Ford, weighed in last week at 330 lbs and vowed, in a pun on his many campaign promises, to “cut the waist,” initiating a campaign and special website (paid for … Read more

Chapter Books Reading…

So I slipped it into this post a couple of weeks ago but nobody set off fireworks, so here it is again: We finished The Long Winter!!!  It was a very, very, VERY hard book to get through.  The rolli… Read more

Matchy, matchy… FREE Printable “Ten Plagues” / מַכּוֹת memory card game

If we used Memory games more often, and they are certainly available for ALL subjects, I suspect that this would be less effective.  Since we really don’t, I hope this will be a quick, enjoyable way … Read more

Mommy (me!) is (am? do? be?) Reading

The nice thing about being laid up seems to be getting some reading done… The Virgin Cure, by Ami McKay – I was nervous about this because it’s a second novel, a follow-up to the wonderful The Birth… Read more


My cheesemaking kit arrived! (caveat for the kosher consumer – not everything from this site has a hechsher; please email them if you’re not sure and although I bought a kit, I actually had to order … Read more

Our Amazing No-Show Friday!

I don’t think I have ever been grateful to no-show guests…!We’ve been doing a casual, every-other-Friday get-together with three other Jewish homeschool families (which is just about all of us here!)… Read more

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