Note to Self about Cheese

Dear Self,

Thank you for your recent interest in Cheesemaking.

I appreciate the time you have taken to order supplies, read blogs and online recipes.  However, if you read a little further, you’ll probably discover that a special-purpose annatto-based “cheese colouring” is readily available from the same shop where you bought the aforementioned supplies. 

It is called cheese colouring for a reason:  it takes CHEESE and adds COLOUR.  Perhaps they would not have to sell cheese colouring to smart home-based cheesemakers if food colouring were just as good.  Yes, self, even if it LOOKS just as good in the initial stages of cheesemaking when you add a few drops of red and a drop or two of yellow until you get a nice creamy orange shade, it may not do the trick.  No, let me be blunt:  it WILL NOT do the trick.  Unless, by “trick,” you mean, “turn perfectly nice cheese curds a perfectly rancid-looking purple hue.”

Enjoy your poutine, self! 

Oh, wait!  What’s that you’re making me eat???  Oh, no, no, no, for the love of all that is good – NOT PINK CHEESE!!!!


Oh, wait.  It’s kind of yummy after all!  But do me a favour; order the colouring next time…


  1. Falling off the chair, laughing. :)

  2. Note to self- pay attention this should I ever decide to make

  3. Hahahahahaha!
    I'm sure I would have done something similar to cut corners! Thanks for the warning!

    Peace and Laughter!


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