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Matchy, matchy… FREE Printable “Ten Plagues” / מַכּוֹת memory card game

imageimageIf we used Memory games more often, and they are certainly available for ALL subjects, I suspect that this would be less effective.  Since we really don’t, I hope this will be a quick, enjoyable way to practice the Hebrew names of all the Makkos (plagues).

This is just your basic Memory game, with Hebrew names printed on half the cards and beautiful pictures (taken from this Makkos Matching Game resource at, which you might want to check out also) on the other half of the cards.  There’s also a simple graphical back to print on each page which will make them feel more like “real” cards.

Warning!  There is NO English on the cards… however, the names of the plagues are fairly simple, and I will translate and transliterate them here for parents who are still working on their Hebrew:

(and by the way, I had this entire post typed and was about to post it when the computer crashed – so here I am typing these all over again…!!!)

(but just to be on the safe side, I just clicked the Save button, which is what I should have done last time)

The Ten Plagues / Makkos, Transliterated and Translated:

  • דָּם = dam = blood
  • צְפַרְדֵּעַ = tsfar-day-a = frog (yup, singular!)
  • כִּנִּים = kee-neem = lice
  • עָרוֹב = a-rov = mingled, usually translated as wild animals
  • דֶּבֶר = de-vayr = cattle disease
  • שְׁחִין = shCHEEN = boils
  • בָּרָד = ba-rad = hail
  • אַרְבֶּה = ar-bay = locusts
  • חֹשֶׁךְ = cho-shech = darkness
  • מכת בְּכוֹרוֹת = makkas b’choros = striking / plague of the firstborn (the word “death” doesn’t appear in the name of the plague)

By the way, if you’re not afraid of a few Hebrew words here and there, feel free to use these helpful narrative (story-style) parsha overviews, which I created last year for this week’s parsha (and last week’s!).


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