A Child’s Geography Book 1 FREE printable “postcard” narration page

imageimageWe are just moving into this geography book, A Child’s Geography Book 1: Explore His Earth, by Ann Voscamp (not to be confused with the much older V.M. Hillyer book of the same title) which looks fantastic and fun except for the typical homeschool-curriculum abundance of exclamation points, and perhaps, as with our science curriculum, the occasional Jesus reference.  (though I think that’s more of an issue in Book 2: Explore the Holy Land)

Anyway, we’ve been working on building the papier-mache globe project that wraps up the first lesson.  Then, we’ll hopefully ramp up to a regular program of reading and narrating, just as we’re doing in science and history.  (though at this rate, by the time it actually FEELS “regular,” it’ll be Pesach and time to interrupt everything again! :-o)

To make our geography work look substantially different from what we’re using for history and science narrations, I played around with the antique-postcard format suggested by the author, taking it up a notch (I think) to create this very cool page that has just enough room for a SHORT narration for each section.  I’m working on getting the narrations shorter and more concise.  There’s also a bigger picture-drawing section than the history and science narration  pages.  The earth is big, right?

The version shown here features a postage-stamp sized book cover “logo” for A Child’s Geography, but I went ahead and created a blank one (it just has a US postage stamp) for those who are using a different geography program.


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