Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cute little sailor

Ooops… gotta watch how you use the free papers as dropsheets for art projects.  I do tear out the “pornographic ads” section at the very back (yes, yes, I know most proper parents would be careful not to let this shmutz into the house at all, but my garden must have mulch…), but just as we were just finishing up an art project about Monet with Meet the Masters, when Naomi Rivka discovered this super-cute sailor boy in an ad on her little patch of newspaper and decided to paint the sailor with the Q-tips we’d been using for the art project. 

He is adorable, isn’t he?  Glancing at the ad, I realized this was NOTHING I wanted her to read, even a little bit, ever if I could help it.

So I quickly agreed that it was a great idea for a project and announced, “Here!  I’ll cut him out for you so you can paint him better!”

And I did.

DSC02248 DSC02249 DSC02273

Phew!  What a cutie!  Hope he gets those symptoms looked at, though…