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NOW AVAILABLE: Hebrew Reading / Alef-Bet Lapbook!

I wish we’d had a lapbook like this when Naomi and I started doing alef-bais two years ago.  But we didn’t, and we managed anyway.  I think this lapbook is also very suitable for “older beginners” – … Read more

Parsha Poetry, Year 2: Noach / נֹחַ

בְּרֵאשִׁית / Bereishis / BEREISHIT / Genesis 6:9-11:32: Read ithear it; colour it.Click for printable PDF version.  And don’t forget to read last year’s poem! Copywork and parsha activities – upd… Read more

New Frontiers in Wearable Computing

In the interest of making our teenagers look even more awkward than their hormonal surges ordinarily do, they now sell something called the Breffo Spiderpodium that was, apparently, at the top of Big… Read more

Welcome Home!

Late, late, late, but tomorrow night it’s supposed to go down to -2…  and I’m not taking any chances.  So:  welcome home, Tenders!Spending another winter indoors are:Big pot of mixed aloeBit pot of m… Read more

Butterfly Field Trip: Naomi’s Feedback Form

Once again, I didn’t bring a camera… but once again, we had a remarkably good time at one of the homeschool programs run by the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (formerly Wings of Paradise).I did man… Read more

Is ASL an endangered language???

I was sitting wondering this in class tonight, probably when I ought to have been paying attention, but what else is new?Who’s going to use the language in 20 years?  Is it like learning Latin, a sta… Read more

New Alef-Bet / Alef-Bais Lapbook on its Way!

Latest and greatest in a series of amazing (if I say so myself) lapbooks by me, this will include a range of activities for Hebrew beginners of all ages.  Through twelve fun manipulative mini-book pr… Read more


What is this???In the frum world, this is the ultimate “diss” – the “simchas chosson v’kallah clause” on a wedding invitation.What does it mean?  No meal.  “Come for the chuppah, then go home for two… Read more

Holy Boxaroni!

I just turned around and discovered that the box Gavriel Zev was playing with had been plastered with labels:It says “Pull Box”.  Apparently, his ladybug wanted it to say that and actually wrote the … Read more

Sukkos – Last Days, almost

Almost, because there are still a few gaps in this menu, especially desserts… but I honestly don’t think anybody’s going to go hungry.I made two batches of Pumpkin Challah dough – one based on Maggie… Read more

Ted’s Amazing Parsha Comics

Ted has begun his parsha comic project with not one but TWO comics for Bereishis… check them out on his blog, over here. Read more

Chol HaMoed, Day 2: Science Centre

We’ve received a Toronto Zoo membership as a gift for the last few years – usually around Gavriel Zev’s birthday.  Family membership at the Zoo is $145 – at the Science Centre, $120.  We used our Sci… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady asks, “Tis WHAT Season???”

Email sent via Michael’s main website.  I have absolutely no hope that anybody will reply to me – ever. In the Toronto Michael’s store today, I was annoyed to find a full display table and shelves o… Read more

Chol HaMoed Outings

Last night:  Putting Edge, indoor mini-golf.  Boy, is it hard to take pictures of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf!  This is the first time we’ve taken everybody – well, not YM; he had a friend’s birthday … Read more

The Sukkah – 5772 / 2011 Version!

It hasn’t changed much from previous years, BUT this year’s improvement is the snugness of the roofbeams.  Confusingly, the north-south wooden beams ARE the actual schach – schach does not have to be… Read more

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