NOW AVAILABLE: Hebrew Reading / Alef-Bet Lapbook!


I wish we’d had a lapbook like this when Naomi and I started doing alef-bais two years ago.  But we didn’t, and we managed anyway.  I think this lapbook is also very suitable for “older beginners” – kids who know a bit more than she did, at 4 years old, and who are actually interested in studying ABOUT Hebrew, whether they’re Jewish or not.

Some basic information:

The Hebrew language is relevant and meaningful for homeschoolers of any religion who want to understand the origins of the English alphabet, the beginnings of the Torah (Jewish Bible) or the modern State of Israel.  This lapbook is perfect for a short unit study on the Hebrew alphabet and reading Biblical or Modern Hebrew.  It's also a great way to find out if kids might be interested in continuing their Hebrew studies using software or textbooks.

0) Alef-Bet Lapbook CoverThis lapbook includes a short guide to "Teaching the Alef-Bet", with helpful web links, along with the following 13 mini-books ready for you and your child to fill in together:

  1. image Alef-Bet Matchbooks (22 of them, 1 for each letter!)
  2. Final (Sofit) Letters Heart Book
  3. Meet the Vowels Flap Book
  4. Vowels Wheel
  5. Which Way? Arrow Book
  6. Sounds Like Hebrew!  Flap Book
  7. Ancient and Modern - Accordion  Book
  8. My Country - in Hebrew Shutter Book
  9. imageRead Around Israel - Map Activity
  10. All About Me Flaps Book
  11. All Kinds of Writing - font samples pocket
  12. I Can Read It!  mini-book - three Biblical excerpts in easy-to-read Hebrew, with English transliterations
  13. Watch the Dots! L-book, introduces letters which change sounds with a "dot" in the middle

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