Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Butterfly Field Trip: Naomi’s Feedback Form

Once again, I didn’t bring a camera… but once again, we had a remarkably good time at one of the homeschool programs run by the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (formerly Wings of Paradise).

I did manage to save Naomi’s comments on the comment form.  She seems to have understood very little of the form and yet filled in the blanks so sweetly (look at her final comment at the end!), that I just had to save this.



We brought along Aunt Sara to even up the score (Aunt Abigail came with us once last year).  I’m not sure if I love these programs, but I love the butterfly conservatory itself, and the programs are okay.  There is sound science content, even if some of it is sometimes kind of tangential to the actual butterflies that give the place its raison d’etre.  Whatever keeps them in business sounds good to me!

What I have NO idea about is why, out in the middle of nowhere, they can get dozens of homeschoolers to come out to a program like this, but here in the great big city, there never seem to be many of us around (and when they are, they seem bothered by our presence and nonconformity – or am I projecting???). 

I’m also not sure why none of the museums or other educational facilities here have caught on to the idea of courting homeschoolers the way this butterfly conservatory does… which is one reason I’m more than happy to support their programs, even if they are a bit off the beaten path.