New Alef-Bet / Alef-Bais Lapbook on its Way!

Latest and greatest in a series of amazing (if I say so myself) lapbooks by me, this will include a range of activities for Hebrew beginners of all ages.  Through twelve fun manipulative mini-book projects, it teaches:  letters of the alef-bet (I pronounce it alef-bais, but either is correct!), vowels, final letters, reading direction (right to left!), the evolution of Hebrew (ancient to modern), place names in Israel, different types of Hebrew scripts, and a few simple phrases.


Not just for homeschoolers – it’s great for anyone who wants to learn Hebrew with their kids before, during or after school!  Though it introduces kids to Hebrew, this lapbook contains no specifically Jewish content, so it’s perfect for readers of other religions who want to “dabble” in the amazing and ancient Hebrew language.

I’m just finishing this up right now, but we’re having a busy week, so it’ll probably be ready sometime over the weekend.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know!!!

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