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Arr, matey!

Well, I thought they were cute kids, until I saw this picture...

Ted had it done, I guess when he took them to the Purim party at the BJCC.
I have blanked out the name of the photo studio who did it an… Read more

Peeking in, and YES...

The tomatoes are UP!
Well, some tomatoes.
First: the WINNER of First Tomato Up 2009 -

- is a TIE: between Carolina Gold (not visible here) and Children's Garden Roma (second from the back).

Weirdly… Read more

Is this tree doomed?

This was a late-season replacement for the cedar that was stolen...

but it doesn't look through it came through the winter all that well. :-( Read more

Got the thyme?!?

The incredible disappearing thyme.

Last year, you see it:

This year, you don't:

Is it gone?
Could I have pulled it out, thinking it was a defunct coleus?

You can see a million other bits of crud and d… Read more


Somebody took Naomi.
Like the Lorax, who was "lifted away," it is passive voice - she was lifted. She was taken.
And we have no idea by whom; just very, very thankful that it was not for long… Read more

Changing of the seasons...

Here are the tattered old winter activity schedules...

...Replaced by shiny new spring ones!

The Friday one got a little mucky because my mother accidentally used it for an arts-and-crafts project with… Read more

Another monument

Borrowed from The Dead Bird, the children's classic by Margaret Wise Brown (author of Goodnight Moon).

I have been thinking about this illustration all day,
about our primitive need to mark graves… Read more

The Monument

My mother is having the monument made and planning an unveiling for May. We are all know how my father would have referred to this little event. Working hard to avoid phrases like "monumental er… Read more

Teeny Tiny Sowing

Can't post a picture because I don't want to steal another gardener's photo, but this blog already has the most astounding photo of lobelia seeds, which are easily the tiniest I have ever… Read more

Letter to my City Councillor re Orchard

Another spring, another "Dear Joe [Mihevc]" letter!"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 11:01

Subject: Concerns re Orchard in Ben Nobleman

I was the troubl… Read more

Gaah re Eco Lawn

Just remembered I emailed the company that makes Eco Lawn back in September about the blog author's complaint, and they told me "In looking at the photo [on her blog, not my photo], it may a… Read more

Concerns about our Eco Lawn

So last fall I covered up our existing disaster of a lawn, added topsoil, and seeded the whole thing using Eco-Lawn, a supposedly environmentally-friendly blend of fescues that needs less water and g… Read more

OK, slap me. I am officially a Very Bad Girl.

Yes, I should have been in bed HOURS ago. Plus, I'm freezing.

This is Jeremy, the older kids' dad. Yeshaya Dov ben Avraham. 28 Tamuz, 5731 - 28 Adar, 5765. From the dates, it looks like he was… Read more

new desktop wallpaper

Borrowed graciously from here, so if you like it, buy the shirt. Did I mention I was going to bed, like now??? Read more

Dinosaur Comics are a THING - who knew?!

Abigail told me Dinosaur Comics, like the one kind of apropos of Pesach/spring cleaning, which I featured here, is a THING on the Internet. Apparently every comic features the same five frames with pi… Read more

Teeny tiny seedlings

Last post for the night - I promise!!!
Just wanted to show off how the astilbe seedlings were coming along, just since Friday. From about 3 seedlings, there are now at least eight, probably more.
Not … Read more

More growing today - but first, supper

Yes, we still have suppers around here!

Tonight (Monday):

Ted was working late and I went to an animation workshop with Sara at the NFB, so I ordered pizza. I was going to go pick it up, but Ted was h… Read more

Tomatoes are IN!

Tomatoes planted 3/23/2009 in the Lee Valley Propagator:

* = my own saved seed
# = SASE seed from (yeah, I ought to be sowing these outdoors, but I did sow some varieties out there, rea… Read more

I'm world famous

I know it is almost ridiculously self-conscious, but according to my (highly modest numbers, ie I'm kinda unpopular) blog statistics, one of my more recent visitors actually arrived at my blog vi… Read more

Why "Average" Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach

I didn't write this, which is probably why it's so concise and funny! Read more

Canada Blooms Swag (but not much)

Before there was Richard & Leah's wedding, there was... Canada Blooms! I actually did make it! I even made it to Sobey's this morning to buy the "advance" ticket to save $2. The… Read more

Goin' to the chapel, and we're...

...Goin' to our friends' wedding! Wow - this was truly the Village Shul simcha of the century. Mazel tov, mazel tov to Richard and Leah. I love how Elisheva and I look in this picture. Very h… Read more

Presenting! Naomi's Birthday Present!

Finally got Naomi Rivka to try on the leotard part of the ballet costume present I lovingly, painstakingly handcrafted for her.

I feel so sad because she looks like such a little princess, trapped in … Read more

At least there's a word for it now: Ferberizing

Kind of. When I first had babies, the now-well-known child sleep "expert" Dr. (Richard?) Ferber wasn't that well-known yet, so doing what he advocated was just called "crying it o… Read more

Forget expensive, power-hungry heat mats!

If you have a lighting rig, you probably already have a great source of warmth for germinating seeds: the top of your fluorescent lights.

Here, in case you're interested, is my entire seed-startin… Read more

Coleus Count: 54!

Not including these guys... growing from a packet of leftover seed from last year.

No idea if anything will come of them - last year, I got a big fat nothing starting coleus from seed. But as with the… Read more

My lucky sunglasses!

Worried and worried all morning about my missing sunglasses... $100 to replace and all that... but as usual with my dumbness and losing stuff, they turned up.

Maybe the shamrock helped!

See, I've … Read more

The astilbe are up!

After several long weeks of waiting, the astilbe I "stratified" on the cool basement windowsill are up at last!

These were the seeds I demonstrated sowing here. So I guess it worked. ;-)

Firs… Read more

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