Teeny tiny seedlings

Last post for the night - I promise!!!
Just wanted to show off how the astilbe seedlings were coming along, just since Friday. From about 3 seedlings, there are now at least eight, probably more.
Not counting chickens before they hatch, but yay!

I guess these coleus haven't grown much since Friday. They are sure slow to get started... argh. I agree with everybody who says don't both starting them from seed: I don't even know why they sell packets of seed!
Just find one you like, and propagate it from cuttings. It'll come true that way, and quickly.

(you'll be happy to know that I resisted "stealing" cuttings from the new University of Guelph 2009 coleus introductions at Canada Blooms yesterday... but - eek! - I couldn't resist two tiny ones at Allan Gardens last week, so I may have a new "mystery" coleus or two in my garden this year...)

Here's some salad greens, coming along.

And this is an onion DISASTER! I was reaching for it and the whole container flipped over, knocking out all the soil and burying many promising seedlings. I had to rescue whatever seedlings I could and try to pop them back in right side up, with not much success.

I added a few more seeds, but it sure knocked out some of my cockiness at how well everything was going. Those were the seeds that germinated so successfully (and fast!) using the indirect heat from the top of my lighting rig.

We'll see what survives in there... I was sure excited at getting a jump on the onions, though. Like I said, maybe too cocky, a bit.


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