OK, slap me. I am officially a Very Bad Girl.

Yes, I should have been in bed HOURS ago. Plus, I'm freezing.

This is Jeremy, the older kids' dad. Yeshaya Dov ben Avraham. 28 Tamuz, 5731 - 28 Adar, 5765. From the dates, it looks like he was 34 when he died, but he wasn't. He never got to be 34.

We were married for a while, divorced for longer. Just starting to get to know each other again and find some peace in our tumultuous relationship.

I was looking for a good picture of him to put on my facebook profile, and found this, which I didn't remember that his dad had sent to me a few years ago.
Plus, I found a couple he sent me of his (my father-in-law's) visit here, when we all went to Harbourfront for a Toronto Symphony concert.

Here are the two grandpas together - my father and Jerre (my father-in-law).

This was the visit I was having such happy memories about a couple of months ago.

And here's a blurry shot of my father with the kids.
I am shutting down now, I promise!!!


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