The astilbe are up!

After several long weeks of waiting, the astilbe I "stratified" on the cool basement windowsill are up at last!

These were the seeds I demonstrated sowing here. So I guess it worked. ;-)

First two pictures were taken on Wednesday... the last one was today - there are a few more seedlings now, so maybe there will be even more eventually!


I love these guys! The person who did my garden design last year (yes, I was actually working from a plan - scary stuff) suggested columbines for their season-long foliage, but I think astilbe are even nicer in terms of background foliage. And the leaf miners made the columbine foliage look simply awful, while the astilbe held its own beautifully.

I do wish these were white, that's the only thing. I worry that they'll be clashy in the garden, but I suppose with my hodgepodge garden, clashy is the least of my worries.


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