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Tomatoes are IN!

Tomatoes planted 3/23/2009 in the Lee Valley Propagator:

* = my own saved seed
# = SASE seed from (yeah, I ought to be sowing these outdoors, but I did sow some varieties out there, really I did... I admit, I don't trust the wintersowing thing 100%)

4 x * Early Tiny Yummy Cherry
4 x * Children's Garden Roma
4 x # Carolina Gold
4 x # Husky Red Cherry
2 x Opalka (misc SASE seed)
2 x * Children's Garden Question-Mark
2 x * Children's Garden Peach
2 x * Children's Garden Purple Plum

= 24 tomato plants... if they all hatch.

The stuff that looks like crushed nuts on top (don't these look like Nutty Buddies or some other kind of ice-cream treat, with the sticks and everything???) is vermiculite.

Because I used lousy WalMart potting soil (all I had in the house), I decided to top it with a layer of vermiculite to ward off evil spirits and/or the possibility of damping-off or other fungus. Also, I watered it all in with chamomile tea instead of plain water. Hope I haven't messed anything up too badly.

(as mentioned before, I have been watering all seedlings this year with chamomile, but I've always used plain water to start the seeds)

So here's the complete seed-starting setup now: