Teeny Tiny Sowing

Can't post a picture because I don't want to steal another gardener's photo, but this blog already has the most astounding photo of lobelia seeds, which are easily the tiniest I have ever seen.  I basically rubbed my finger in them so they could fall, like dust, onto the soil.  I found a nice bag of fafard soil in the garage and wetted it with warm chamomile tea.  I hope the coddling pays off!
Sowed tonight:
~ Lobelia "Crystal Palace" (a bit late now but hopefully, they'll grow fast)
~ Celosia mix
~ Sweet pea
~ White Cypress Vine, ipomoea quamoclit - just cuz I like the name!!!
~ "Bouquet" Dwarf Dill
~ Chard, 6x fordhook (free swap seeds) 
~ Chard, 6x bright lights (left over from last year)
Busy, busy!
Bad news tonight:  FUNGUS - THE LEGEND, PART 2
When I went down to leave the now-filled-with-seeds propagator under the lights and shut everything down for the night, I noticed that some lettuces had succumbed to... the... first... (shudder)...Damping-Off of the year.
Panic, panic.  Must buy No-Damp.  Or stick with the chamomile, which I was so sure was working?
Increase air circulation?  But how; it's just getting more and more crowded down there!!!
Anyway, I turned on the dehumidifier, which had been turned down = off.  Hopefully, that will help a bit.
The lettuces were right next to my precious astilbe, and just two doors down from the tomato propagator.  Hope, hope, hope for me that nothing has spread.  :-o


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