Friday, March 27, 2009

Changing of the seasons...

Here are the tattered old winter activity schedules...

...Replaced by shiny new spring ones!

The Friday one got a little mucky because my mother accidentally used it for an arts-and-crafts project with Naomi when she babysat yesterday.

It's a secret where I went.
See? Even totally uncool gardening mommies can have secrets!

It had nothing to do with gardening, or mommying.
Oh - and I'm not having a torrid affair. :-)

The yellowing paper in behind the schedules, by the way, are last year's Pesach receipts, which I kept for some sentimental reason. Naomi must get her packrat, receipt-grabbing tendencies from my side...

Here's one receipt, for the "major" shop I do each year with my mother at the Clark/Hilda Sobey's. Last year, it came to $507.14, one $5 gefilte fish loaf at a time...

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