Concerns about our Eco Lawn

So last fall I covered up our existing disaster of a lawn, added topsoil, and seeded the whole thing using Eco-Lawn, a supposedly environmentally-friendly blend of fescues that needs less water and grows longer and thicker than a traditional lawn.

Coverage of the whole project is here, or just type lawn in the search box up above.

Anyway, I was very excited about the whole endeavour, but then read this negative report from a local garden blogger whose eco-lawn never quite recovered from the winter. And then another comment on another site from a user who says "it has been a major ecological disappointment."

Well, when the snow first melted, I was excited to see that the eco-lawn half of our lawn was actually greener and nicer-looking than the other half. In these pictures, taken today, a few weeks now since the snow cover left, you can still see a clear colour distinction between the eco-lawn and the old lawn (though the old-lawn section was half-heartedly over-seeded with eco-lawn seed).

But the patchy parts of the eco-lawn are starting to worry me more and more as I stare at them day after day. I realize temperatures are still cool, and they could, as the eco-lawn web FAQ says, "green up quickly in spring." They say that it is perfectly normal for patches under snow to go dormant and turn brown.

So we'll see.


Last night (Tuesday):
Turkey Chili with cornbread on top - yum, yum, yum. Must start taking pictures again!

Tonight (Wednesday):
Superstore chicken! I just can't get enough of it!!!

Our city councillor is holding a meeting tonight to discuss and plan the city's first urban orchard. Should be fun, but I'm not sure how excited I am about going. Lazy, perhaps, but it's still too cold outside for going out in the evening to be the total pleasure I know it will be soon.


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