More growing today - but first, supper

Yes, we still have suppers around here!

Tonight (Monday):

Ted was working late and I went to an animation workshop with Sara at the NFB, so I ordered pizza. I was going to go pick it up, but Ted was having a quiet evening and offered to pick it up and drop by with it - delivery! Kosher pizza - delivered to your door! What a concept!

Also ordered a salad with it, and reheated last week's broccoli soup - NO french fries. Zero.

In addition to the tomatoes, I also planted two of my Canada Blooms seeds - the Cutting Celery, which I am getting more and more excited about after having Googled it a bit, and also the Anaheim Chili.

I'm a bit worried that the chilis won't have time to get big and strong and do their pepper thing this summer, but knowing peppers can overwinter indoors reassures me that even if they don't make peppers this year, they will survive to do it another season.

So what else are we looking at here???

After weeks of "hanging" in suspended animation - the 2-leaf seed-leaf stage that seems to last forever, the parsley is at least producing real leaves.

Some of those basils are getting quite big now, too. There are true leaves on almost all of them, though not quite visible.

And so this is my heliotrope!
I thought I had a seedling yesterday, but I think now that maybe it was a piece of fluff or mold (gaah!) on the surface of the peat.
Anyway, this is a real, actual seedling. For sure.
Why can't you see it?
Because it's dangling off the right side of the peat pellet. Ugh. Leave it to this stupid eBay vendor (I curse her name quite regularly now) to produce seed so rejected that only the one stupid fallen-away sideways seed actually sprouts.

Finally, portulaca. See how thick and succulent-like the leaves have become? Reminding me of why I don't love portulaca, but they are for my mother. She'd better appreciate them. I have come to expect descriptions of them in garden books to include the word "reliable" or "hard-working."

It is nice that they will flower cheerfully anywhere, all summer long, even under her miserable dry-shade front-yard oak tree. The only other thing that thrives there is a weedy lamium that I rejected from my own garden...

The animation workshop was great, by the way. Lovely to get out, though I would probably appreciate it more after a long stretch of not having gone out... not after a day like yesterday where I went out not once (to Canada Blooms), not twice (to the wedding in the afternoon), but three times (to the garden club meeting in the evening).

It was nice to get out with Sara with no kids - as she pointed out, she can't remember the last time I met up with her without those little accessories. And it was free! We are my father's daughters: we'll do anything and go anywhere so long as it's free.

And then out again this morning. We had another yeshiva interview with YM.
As well as the last one went, this one went totally in the opposite direction. It was miserable. YM was grouchy with a cold and as much as came right out and told the rosh yeshiva he didn't want to go there.

And the rosh yeshiva almost as much came right out and said he didn't want a kid with YM's attitude problems and verging-on-rude outspokenness in his yeshiva.

Blah, blah, blah.
This was actually my top pick - of the two we're considering. But the hours would be long - YM complained about that. The other yeshiva has similar hours, but also a dorm where YM would live most of the week, so his commute would be cut down to about 5 minutes. I really think the dorm is the biggest draw - but I don't think it should be the major criterion for choosing a yeshiva. Though living the life 24/7, if he could do it, would really be a Good Thing for him in almost every way.

No way we can afford either yeshiva, so I guess we'll slog through the applications process, let them farheir him after Pesach. I'm convinced he's some kind of ilui, and I think either yeshiva will want him regardless of the money once they see what he's capable off. I can always tell when I have met a real mechanech when he is excited rather than frustrated to meet YM, challenges and all.

(I got the impression that the rosh yeshiva today was not too charmed by YM, which is rare... most adults love him practically on sight, cuz he looks like such an angel)

The big kids have yahrzeit today, 28 Adar. Four years since their father died: how did that happen???

Anyway, if I was hoping to get a chance to rest from this weekend and today, NO. Tomorrow morning I have my Tuesday-morning aerobics for the first time in a month. And I have to shlep the kids there to the childcare program while I'm at it. 9:15 a.m.... why did I ever think that was a good idea???


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