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7 parenting secrets of highly effective Israeli mamas

Are you an Israeli mama at heart?  You might be and not even know it!Sure, I’ve been parenting for 21 years (OMG!).  But I’m still learning when it comes to raising kids here in Israel.  Some of the … Read more

Mega-Massive Chanukah 2015 Roundup: 17 FREE & More Essential Family Resources

Yes, Chanukah is sneaking up on us SOOoooon! It’s early this year, so I wanted to jump right in and share this list of resources that I’ve created and shared.  Some are geared towards homeschoolers, … Read more

The Courage to Dream: Thoughts for Parshas Vayeishev (long but thorough!)

How many dreams does Yosef have in this week’s parsha? I’ve always thought it was two. Maybe you did, too? But if you look very carefully into the actual text, you’ll notice something funny. (Or, i… Read more

7 tricks I’ve learned to conquer my fear of doing interviews

What’s the secret to my success as a writer? (asks nobody, ever… I know, I know) Actually, I would say I’m doing okay as a writer.  I’m writing more or less full-time these days, even if it’s not a… Read more

Why I never run up to people and shout hello (a small story)

I was standing alone in the playground during recess when I spotted my grandfather all the way across at the other entrance to the park. “Zaidy!” I screamed, and started running to meet him, arms out… Read more

If this is Kislev (so soon?)… this must be the November Jewish Book Carnival!!!

Welcome, welcome!  Only 2 days late and perhaps (as I tediously always say), a couple dollars short.  My excuse?  I have none… just working.  Life on Israel time is so incredibly fast-paced.  I would… Read more

Day of Blessings: a fun new book about Jewish prayer

Why wait until kids are older to start explaining the ideas behind Jewish prayers?  I created this book to share a new approach: explaining the series of brachos (brachot = prayers) we say each morni… Read more

What does it mean when Hashem makes a promise? Thoughts for Chayei Sarah

Over the last 3 parshiyos since we first encountered the personality of Avraham Avinu, we've seen Hashem making two distinct promises to him: ארץ/eretz and זרע/zera, the land and the offspring. H… Read more

Once upon a time, in Bnei Brak …

Once upon a time, there were two brothers.Except they weren't really brothers, were they?No, they were half brothers.And one hated Judaism.Yes, he did.  So much.  So, so much.Well, okay, don'… Read more

Star (and Dust) Trek: Thoughts for Parshas Lech Lecha

In this week's parsha, Lech Lecha, Hashem says he'll make Avram's descendents like stars.  We often crow about this – “We're so great,” we say.  “We're just like stars.”  And no w… Read more

Freelance writing lessons learned in the Fiverr trenches

One of the great things about the Modern Era is that you can work as a writer in English from anywhere in the world.  The downside is working for a range of clients, all over the world, some of whom … Read more

The fish, the diamonds, and me, here in Canada

Here in our last 24 hours in Toronto, I am living out the mashal of the fish and the diamonds.Maybe you've heard this mashal (parable)?  For sure, my kids have: many, many times.In the story, a m… Read more

"Pour out my heart like water" – thoughts for Tisha b’Av 5775

Sitting here in Toronto, the big difference between Israel and the world I grew up in is obvious.  I heard this in a shiur yesterday from Rabbanit Chana Henkin, who said, "There's nothing li… Read more

Why Jewish reincarnation matters (even if you don’t believe in reincarnation) - a dvar Torah for Parshas Pinchas

Do you know what Judaism teaches about reincarnation? Many people are surprised to hear that this is even part of our worldview. I read on that the reason we aren’t aware of previous incar… Read more

Parshas Chukas: Why you need darkness to feel the light

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be blind?Picture yourself in a world of darkness, groping around, not knowing where - or what - anything is.  Last month, I got to go to the Dialogue in t… Read more

Parshas Shlach: Facebook & the meraglim, what are you hiding?

Maybe you think this is the age of “let it all hang out,” when Google rules, your friends post their snacks on Facebook, and there are no secrets left in the world.Believe me, there are still plenty … Read more

Where I disagree

NOTE: One year after my brother Eli's death in 2014, I published a book about the intertwining of our lives and his struggle with schizophrenia. This post and many other writings are included, in… Read more

Ancient Auction Secret: If Chinese auctions are racist, why do Jews love them so much?

Ah, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews.  You sure do love your Chinese auctions, don’t you?

It seems that even in an era of political correctness, within certain circles, this term just will not die.
And frankl… Read more

Visiting a synagogue for the very first time? 5 things you MUST know.

Maybe you’re invited for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Maybe you’re drawn to Judaism and want to find out more.  Or maybe you just want to support a Jewish friend or family member?

Whatever the reason, if … Read more

Jews and Jobs: MAMALAND REVIEW of Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews?: Career Guidance for Sabbath Observant Jewish Professionals, by Lavie and Rachel Margolin

Should you wear a kippah to your job interview? Well, yes.  In the year 2015, except in some places in the world (most of which don’t speak English), if you're a person who wears a kippah, you sh… Read more

True confessions of a (Jewish) mama sea turtle

Let me tell you a thing you might already know about sea turtles:  they live in the sea.Obvious, right?  Except the one time a sea turtle comes out of the sea is a female turtle, when she’s ready to … Read more

Jewish Books for Kids: Less is More

Maybe I’m still a homeschooler at heart?(Are you one, too?)When I asked for feedback about the book I’m currently working on, Elephant Tisha b’Av, I got a ton of helpful comments.  Sure, some were a … Read more

What do otters have to do with Pesach? (aka Passover)

What do otters have to do with Pesach?Nothing, right?Otters have absolutely nothing to do with Pesach.  Then again, pandas have nothing to do with Purim.  And penguins… well, totally not Rosh Hashana… Read more

The Jewish Defense League – why they don’t speak for me (or you?).

I just got flamed on Facebook – now that’s something that doesn’t happen often.(My life’s pretty boring, I guess.) But when I saw this story in a Facebook group, about the Jewish Defense League sett… Read more

Daddy and the Zhlub: Should baalei teshuvah be ashamed of their families?

I used to resent my parents for not being religious. (Mommy, if you're reading this, keep going - there's a happy ending.) It was a baal teshuvah thing.  One of those not-nice things they do… Read more

Sydney Taylor Award 2015 BLOG TOUR: Goldie Takes a Stand, with Barbara Krasner and Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Welcome to the SYDNEY TAYLOR BOOK AWARD 2015 BLOG TOUR, hosted by the Association of Jewish Libraries, in which authors and illustrators of new books share their stories with the world.  The book tou… Read more

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