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Kosher Menu Plan Monday #17: 19 Sivan, 5770

Back to sweetness, light and trivia!  If you’re curious about who we are and what we eat, please scroll to the end.  I’ll put it back up front next time!  I’m just feeling grumpy right now.  So if yo… Read more

Wisdom / Peace

Comes sometimes from people who have been there done that, who have thought these things through and made peace for themselves, however uneasy it may be. Here’s what a wise friend had to say today. … Read more

Clueless? Or just invisible?

I have been frum for SO long and had no idea that photos of women were so very, very controversial.  Clueless, that’s what I am!A few months ago, we all found it amusing that there was a notice, simi… Read more

Living Jewish: Negotiation vs Assumption (and the slippery middle)

Have you ever noticed that there are times in your life when you just know you are supposed to be receiving a particular message, and that message suddenly seems to come through everywhere you look? … Read more

Today’s drinkie…

Since I requested No More Chocolate Bars from Mr. Enabler, he likes to pick up these Starbucks DoubleShot drinks for me instead (should I tell him that’s enabling, and probably more addictive than ch… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 17 Sivan, 5770 – the Munsch edition

Robert Munsch? How very, very sad.Or is it…? Is it perhaps hopeful that at least one Canadian icon is speaking up about mental illness and addiction? Does this mean we respect him less now, or MO… Read more

Shabbos Desserts… stuck in a rut!

Well, I seem to be totally stuck in a rut when it comes to Shabbos desserts.  I hadn’t even realized it, but we’ve basically been going ‘round and ‘round with banana cake, brownies, cookies (3 kinds:… Read more

First bout of garden optimism

Well, who wouldn’t be optimistic with an amazing clematis like this in bloom???I love the motif of miniature bulldozer juxtaposed with natural wonders… something about “paving paradise”, but then, I… Read more

Sweet potato progress

Originally reported here; I started growing this in mid-April.  Boy, is this thing slow to start this year… I think it really needs a lot of warmth before it will even start to root.  I probably bega… Read more

Shabbos Menu (early?) for a change!

Supper:Challah (crossed out = done!)MeatballsMashed potatoesRoasted beets again bc they are SO goodCornIced teaLunch:Teriyaki Salmonoodles on udon noodlesBlintzesMarinated 3-bean saladThat’s it so fa… Read more

Cranky Complaints Lady… can’t haz Toonyaz?

Okay, I promise – no more lolspeak.  That is your RonyPony Guarantee.  So please, come back, keep reading – the latest installment in  the ongoing saga of how the world bruises the crank out of me ov… Read more

Kosher Menu Plan Monday #16: 12 Sivan, 5770

For newcomers, welcome!  We are Jewish and all our meals are kosher.  We have two sets of dishes (okay, we also have lots of pareve stuff for veg prep, bread baking, etc).  We all eat meat, chicken, … Read more

Sometimes… my mother is amazing

I really love my mother sometimes.  Just chatting on the phone, on the porch, just now, a little birdie landed on the tree.  I said, “quick, it has black wings with white speckles, a black head and … Read more

A name by any other rose

Andrea at Are You Listening?, a blogger I’ve visited a few times through IComLeavWe, wrote about nicknames today… the nicknames she swore her kids would never have.Like her, I swore my kids would be … Read more

First Shabbos bookay! (bouquet)

Three ornamental allium heads, two heucherella flower spikes, and three hosta leaves… minimalist, but I think quite nice on our Shabbos table!These alliums (allia?) have been traffic-stoppingly lovel… Read more

The Internet is Full

I like to imagine that someday, I’ll go to post here and I’ll submit my post for publishing and get back a message saying “Sorry… the Internet is full.”Hasn’t happened yet, though, so here goes.My th… Read more

Six Word Saturday: 10 Sivan, 5770

Schizophrenia: Giving “nutty” a bad name…Below are some of my brother’s ramblings that he felt were important enough to write down (on some kind of wacky translucent cigarette paper) to pass along t… Read more

Shabbos Food – and welcome, ICLW bloggers!

Yup… yet another holy day to eat and eat and eat.  We’re making this an easy peasy Shabbos.  Very, VERY basic. Oooh – I just realized it’s IComLeavWe (International Comment Leaving Week – the 21-28 o… Read more

Shavuos / Shavuot Dvar Torah

A rabbi, a priest, and a minister were swapping stories – why not? One time, the was caught in a snowstorm so terrible that he couldn't see a foot in front of him. He wasn’t even sure which direc… Read more

Shavuos Menu

This is basically a literally reworking of last year’s disorganized Shavuos menu. I changed the days (last year, one day was Shabbos), and I’ve added a reprise of Shabbos’s delicious vegan samosas … Read more

Six Word Saturday: 3 Sivan, 5770 – Awards Week!

Blog awards… where do they start?NOTE:  if you are here because I have tagged you with an award and have no interest in my ramblings, click here to get all the details!!!  But you’re missing some gre… Read more

What to tell the kids when their friend is taken away by JF&CS

You’ve noticed Moishe hasn’t been around for a while.Maybe you didn’t know that Mr & Mrs. _____ aren’t Moishe’s first Mommy and Abba. He had different parents when he was born, but he has been in… Read more

Shabbos Menu

Updated just before shutting down… *DONE next to everything that is done!Dinner – easy easy because we are broke till the morning so everything has to be fast & easy*DONE Soup *DONE Challah (eggl… Read more

If you’re into kol isha…

A womanly voice I think you oughtta hear:  Abigail Lapell (my sister).More songs – but lower audio quality – here on YouTube.Enjoy! Read more

The Week of Lost Boys

Wow, if weeks could have a theme in real life and not just in sitcoms, this week’s would be “The Lost Boys.”I swear to you, I don’t court drama.  But between our neighbours’ taken-away foster kid, th… Read more

Antisemitic Ads?

Just reading this amazing article at the JPost site when my mouse accidentally hovered over an underlined “advertising” keyword and this popped up:Yup.  Jewish = Extermination.  Pest control.  Flatte… Read more

More of GZ’s Bubblegum Song

He seems to be stuck in a rut with this bubblegum thing (if you want to hear the real thing, click here - or here for a video of a creepy guy singing it not too badly).  More of his newly-invented ve… Read more

Emergency fudge

What’s the emergency? Well… no fudge.  That’s an emergency, right?Recipe here.  For Rocky Road add roasted half-pecans and mini-marshmallows.  Don’t add the marshmallows too soon or they’ll melt. Read more

Happy Yom Yerushalayim – יום ירושלים שמח

(most of these pictures are Ted’s… I never got to Machaneh Yehudah to see in person the infamous “Rock n’ Roll boxer shorts” for which the market has been known for hundreds of years).Yup… here they … Read more

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