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Shavuos Menu

shavuos 077 This is basically a literally reworking of last year’s disorganized Shavuos menu. I changed the days (last year, one day was Shabbos), and I’ve added a reprise of Shabbos’s delicious vegan samosas for guests who don’t eat meat. Yes, I’m serving meat… just not to them!

(p.s. If you want to see how everything turned out, close-up, check out my baking blog, Adventures in BreadLand, over here!)

In case that sounds totally rude, they don’t eat dairy either, so I may as well make delicious pareve things. At least they eat eggs… I think!

Shavuos 2010





Lunch – Mommy

Neapolitan cake?

Dairy – Just us

  • Parmesan herb bread
  • Soup – squash?
  • Mushroom Crepes
  • Pan fried salmon w/lemon & butter
  • Mommy’s tuna quiche
  • Dairy Desserts


Dairy – Mommy

  • Parmesan herb bread
  • Gefilte fish
  • Soup – leeky ‘tato
  • Lasagna
  • Beets & carrots roasted
  • Dairy Desserts

Meat – Us + M&L

  • Herb bread
  • Gefilte fish (jar)
  • Chicken Soup
  • Kneidlach
  • Shnitzel chicken
  • Maple baby carrots
  • Samosas
  • Corn
  • Broccolini risotto
  • Pareve Desserts

Pareve Desserts

  • Pecan pie brownie bars
  • one more thing…???

Dairy Desserts

  • Ted’s cheesecake
  • My gulab jamun
  • My grandmother’s Neapolitan cake (to surprise my mother for the first day’s lunch)

To do on Tuesday (final update at 6:30 pm!):

  1. Samosa dough
  2. Pick herbs
  3. Mix bread
  4. Roast squash
  5. Roast peppers – lasagna
  6. Gulab jamun – mix & fry
  7. Elisheva – make lasagna
  8. Layers – Neapolitan cake, mix & bake
  9. Chicken soup boil
  10. Samosas – form, fill, bake
  11. Veg prep: leeks (soup), potatoes (soup)
  12. Leek soup (start to finish)
  13. Marinate chicken
  14. Pecan pie brownies
  15. Another pareve dessert??? Nope! Enough dairy ones already!
  16. Add squash to soup, boil, blend
  17. Roast beets
  18. Pudding – Neapolitan cake, cool, spread, fridge
  19. Veg prep: broccoli (risotto), mushrooms (crepes)
  20. Risotto
  21. Crepe leaves (if time before Y”T)
  22. Bread & bake chicken
  23. Cheese and brown lasagna top

Almost there – good Yom Tov!!!!