Shabbos Menu

Updated just before shutting down… *DONE next to everything that is done!

Dinner – easy easy because we are broke till the morning so everything has to be fast & easy

  • *DONE Soup
  • *DONE Challah (eggless, honey-sweetened, 2/5 stoneground whole wheat)
  • *DONE Shake n’ Bake (honey garlic, not crumbs) (still to bake)
  • *DONE Starch and / or Apple kugel
  • *DONE Storebought spring rolls
  • Frozen Corn
  • Pareve Desserts

samosas 005Lunch – as vegan as possible because of a guest

  • *DONE Challah (eggless, honey-sweetened, 2/5 stoneground whole wheat)
  • *DONE Halva spread – homemade, just as an experiment
  • *DONE Baked Samosas – if I can make wraps because storebought wraps have egg in them (wraps recipe here)
  • *DONE Carrot/cumin/garlic salad – that’s it:  cook carrots, toss with cumin, garlic, olive oil and salt
  • Bean salad – brought by guest
  • *DONE Guacamole – storebought
  • *DONE Grainy/couscous salad – Ted’s request Pasta salad w/olive oil & roasted peppers
  • *DONE Cholent – the easiest vegan part of the meal!  (oy, our onion soup mix “contains eggs”)
  • *DONE Delicious Sweets from the Earth vegan cookies
  • *DONE Rhubarb-apple-strawb compote – if there’s enough rhube ready to go in the backyard
  • Dairy dessert that our guest won’t have?  Or would that be mean?
  • *DONE Vegan brownies

Still to do… Bake the chicken, steam the corn, clear the table, set the table…



  1. Your Shabbos meals always sound so good. I'm definitely not that creative.

    I'm giving you an award on my blog.


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