Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Shabbos Menu

Updated just before shutting down… *DONE next to everything that is done!

Dinner – easy easy because we are broke till the morning so everything has to be fast & easy

  • *DONE Soup
  • *DONE Challah (eggless, honey-sweetened, 2/5 stoneground whole wheat)
  • *DONE Shake n’ Bake (honey garlic, not crumbs) (still to bake)
  • *DONE Starch and / or Apple kugel
  • *DONE Storebought spring rolls
  • Frozen Corn
  • Pareve Desserts

samosas 005Lunch – as vegan as possible because of a guest

  • *DONE Challah (eggless, honey-sweetened, 2/5 stoneground whole wheat)
  • *DONE Halva spread – homemade, just as an experiment
  • *DONE Baked Samosas – if I can make wraps because storebought wraps have egg in them (wraps recipe here)
  • *DONE Carrot/cumin/garlic salad – that’s it:  cook carrots, toss with cumin, garlic, olive oil and salt
  • Bean salad – brought by guest
  • *DONE Guacamole – storebought
  • *DONE Grainy/couscous salad – Ted’s request Pasta salad w/olive oil & roasted peppers
  • *DONE Cholent – the easiest vegan part of the meal!  (oy, our onion soup mix “contains eggs”)
  • *DONE Delicious Sweets from the Earth vegan cookies
  • *DONE Rhubarb-apple-strawb compote – if there’s enough rhube ready to go in the backyard
  • Dairy dessert that our guest won’t have?  Or would that be mean?
  • *DONE Vegan brownies

Still to do… Bake the chicken, steam the corn, clear the table, set the table…