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What to tell the kids when their friend is taken away by JF&CS

You’ve noticed Moishe hasn’t been around for a while.

Maybe you didn’t know that Mr & Mrs. _____ aren’t Moishe’s first Mommy and Abba. He had different parents when he was born, but he has been in their family for a long time, since he was six.  (I don't know what happened to his first parents:  sometimes parents get sick or can't take care of their kids, so other parents have to help out.)

Remember – we know other kids who didn’t have the same Abba when they were born? YM & EC had a different father. Then, when they were younger, he died. And when Mommy and Abba got married, Abba became their Abba: now you all have the same Abba.

So the people who decided a long time ago that Moishe should be in Mr. & Mrs. _____’s family decided last week that he should live somewhere else instead. We don’t know who he’s living with right now, or where he is. He’s not allowed to see his family or friends from our street yet.

Maybe the people thought they were helping him. Maybe they didn’t know how sad his family would be. And maybe they didn’t remember how important it is for kids to live in the same place the whole time, or how much he’d miss his friends here, like Liam and you guys.

Right now, Mr. & Mrs. _____ are talking to the people, phoning the people, emailing the people, and telling them how important it is for Moishe to come home soon.

What we can do is daven, we can ask Hashem, to help the people understand that Moishe needs to come home. We use Moishe’s whole name – he has three names! – to remind Hashem that he is a special important person. And we say please, because it’s more polite.

Please, Hashem, help bring Moishe Alter Benyamin home to his family.