Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cranky Complaints Lady… can’t haz Toonyaz?

Okay, I promise – no more lolspeak.  That is your RonyPony Guarantee.  So please, come back, keep reading – the latest installment in  the ongoing saga of how the world bruises the crank out of me over and over and over again.

It’s just a little thing… like, $3 worth of seeds little.  But you know by now how crazy I get about petunias… specifically, their wonderful, subtle scent.  Which is why I specifically chose “Laura Bush” petunias back in the madhouse depths of wintertime (read more here).

To raise them painstakingly from seed only to discover that they’re the wrong kind, that they’re scentless… well, it’s a betrayal of the highest order.  Well, maybe not, but here’s what I wrote:

petunia 007I bought the seeds for these petunias from your eBay shop back in January.  I started growing them in February, and finally planted them out a couple of weeks ago, where they're doing great.

However... they are not Laura Bush petunias.  One is - in this picture, the middle one is a pinky-purple and fragrant (my camera doesn't do a great job of capturing nuances of colour).  However, the others - those that have flowered so far - are plain pink unscented petunias. 

The colour is distinctly different, and the fragrance that I have been dreaming of (since January!) is missing in almost all the plants.  This has been a great disappointment, and I'd like a credit (including shipping) towards future seed purchases.