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Shabbos Food – and welcome, ICLW bloggers!

Yup… yet another holy day to eat and eat and eat.  We’re making this an easy peasy Shabbos.  Very, VERY basic.

image Oooh – I just realized it’s IComLeavWe (International Comment Leaving Week – the 21-28 of each month)!

To ICLW bloggers dropping by for a visit, here’s my intro from last month explaining why I participate, even though I don’t have a fertility, infertility, adoption, fostering or any other kind of baby-having-related blog.  Basically, it’s a cool idea!

So we’re Jewish, and Shabbos is our Sabbath, and we have it every week, with festive meals and singing and whatnot.  Here’s our Shabbos food for this week.  We’re keeping it simple because we just had a major 2-day holiday (Shavuot) on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

So now you know.


  • Chicken soup
  • Glossy S&B Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Corn
  • Israeli couscous
  • Desserts


  • Jar g-fish
  • Deli-Meat sandwiches
  • Leftover chicken shnitzel from Shavuos
  • Potato salad
  • Green bean salad
  • Desserts

U-o… just got an email that someone’s coming for lunch.  She’s been here lots before, but not for over a year.  I have absolutely no memory of what she does or doesn’t eat.  :-o

p.s.  No mushrooms, no vinegar.  I can do that!


  • Brownie-Pecan thing from Yom Tov
  • Sweets from the Earth Cookies
  • Easy banana cake