Kosher Menu Plan Monday #16: 12 Sivan, 5770

For newcomers, welcome!  We are Jewish and all our meals are kosher.  We have two sets of dishes (okay, we also have lots of pareve stuff for veg prep, bread baking, etc).  We all eat meat, chicken, etc., along with dairy.  I do try to offer one delicious non-animal-product-dependent meal each week, usually on Thursdays (aka Vegan Vursdays).

You can also visit my super-duper-list-o-mania of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course). Thanks!

Well, I missed last week due to Shavuos, and nearly missed this week because we were BUSY busy busy with the holiday, out in the garden, fireworks, etc.  Yay – finally, a Victoria Day where the weather is actually nice enough to enjoy sitting on the beach taking in fireworks.

Sunday:  Take-out Ely’s Chinese food – too expensive and not very tasty… it was an experiment I will not repeat.

Monday (Tonight, aka Victoria Day):  Homemade pizza on not-baked-enough leather-tough no-knead crust.  Ugh.  Easily The Worst Pizza Ever.

petunia 002Tuesday:  Salmon quesadillas (inspired by Laura’s menu plan for this week, but I used fresh salmon, quick-pan-fried in butter & lemon juice), spring greens salad w/mango dressing

Wednesday:  BBQ coconut-marinated chicken on skewers (Ted’s request), rice, side veg

Thursday (Vegan Vursday, Ted’s Late Day):  Spaghetti w/fake meat sauce

Shabbos:  It’s too late at night… I’m not planning this now.

Yay… only four minutes into Tuesday and I’m done!!!


  1. your menu looks yummy!! especially the bbq chicken scewers.
    but i am curious, what is fake meat sauce?!!

  2. You're going to be SO disappointed... it's just supermarket fake ground beef (Yves Veggie brand), mixed into a regular pasta sauce.
    I'm kind of disappointed in myself because we don't eat a lot of fake meat. We're not vegetarian, so generally, if I feel like meat, I eat meat. But dh wanted something a bit heartier than plain pasta sauce, and Thursdays are our "vegan night".
    I'm sure it will be yummy, though... at least I have real herbs from the garden that I can use now!


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