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Kosher Menu Plan Monday #17: 19 Sivan, 5770

Back to sweetness, light and trivia!  If you’re curious about who we are and what we eat, please scroll to the end.  I’ll put it back up front next time!  I’m just feeling grumpy right now.  So if you’re curious, scroll.

It’s still Monday, dammit, and we need to eat.  Just the bare bones this week.  I’m having a terrible week, and it’s only Monday.

Thunderstorms every day, so no bbq.

Monday:  No menu planned, and I had my signing class, so Ted made pita pizzas and frozen french fries; I microwaved a tin of mushroom soup.  Some kind of all-time low, that’s for sure.

Tuesday:  Garlic, kale & white bean soup – to use some of the kale that is doing so fabulously in a container outside the door.  Bread?  Bake bread?  Maybe, maybe… to use some of the dough to make Wednesday’s supper.  Hmm…

Wednesday:  Hamburgers baked inside buns – looks bloody, tastes fantastic!

Wednesday (Vegan Vursday!):   Stir-fry… peanutty thai this time, on wide rice stick noodles if I can find some in time.

Shabbos:  Well, let’s not push it.  I only have 17 minutes of Monday left to get this thing posted.

Here’s the standard spiel about who we are and the food we eat:

For newcomers, welcome!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  We have two sets of dishes (plus lots of pareve stuff for veg prep, bread baking, etc).  We all eat meat, chicken, etc., along with dairy.  The kids tend to prefer non-meat meals, and our ratio (outside of Shabbos) is generally one meat to three or four non-meat meals.  I try to offer one delicious non-animal-product-dependent meal each week, usually on Thursdays (aka Vegan Vursdays).  You can also visit my super-duper-list-tastic itemization of Everything We Eat (as well as the rest of this blog, of course).

Thanks for stopping by!