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Wisdom / Peace

Comes sometimes from people who have been there done that, who have thought these things through and made peace for themselves, however uneasy it may be. Here’s what a wise friend had to say today. I have not asked permission to quote this person, so will not use the friend’s name or any other identifying information. Don’t bother asking – I’m a journalist (kinda) and I have my integrity!

There are priorities in Judaism. Being a decent, honest person. Being clean and respectful. Being conscious that God created more than one person because creating a functioning society in which people help each other out was one of His goals and that engaging in that is performing His will. Modesty is about not showing off, not the clothing you wear. Halacha is complex so anyone who have a simple answer for you is lying or an idiot. It's more important to not be rude than to be right in your own eyes. It isn't the hat on your head, it's the attitude in your heart that decides what kind of Olam Haba you get. Need I go on?

For today, that’s enough to chew on.

Betcha y’all wish I’d go back to blogging about smoothies, right??? The unexamined life rocks!!!