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Cranky Complaints-Lady and her Crazy Leeeaning Garden Hook!

Submitted at spring, I purchased a "Moroccan Double Hook" (Product #59-0386-4) from a Canadian Tire store.  It is complete garbage!  Under the weight of two average-si… Read more

So hungry

But made it through the day. Supper, to break the fast: Fettucine with butter & parmesan Salmon pan-fried with butter & lemon Ace bakery bread with butter (umm... a pattern emerges!) Corn on the… Read more

Ottawa Summer 2009 Slideshow

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Hospitality, Richard-style

Welcome to the Kosher Gourmet!!!  Ted’s brother really does know how to make us feel welcome… this time, following Ted’s sole complaint last summer, with an assortment of PAREVE delights (I guess we … Read more

Garden firsts and lasts!

These are the first nice carrots I have ever harvested from my own garden! And these are almost the last peas of the season.  I set aside one plant to be a “mother” to save seeds for next year’s peas… Read more

Tisha b'Av FAQ

Fully up-to-date for 5775 / 2015!!! NEW for 2015!  Download the entire reading of Megillas Eichah here.  (Email me if it doesn’t work; these Dropbox links expire from time to time, so it's noth… Read more

These aren’t even good!!!

So why did I just eat a bowl of them??!?  It wasn’t a huge bowl, and they’re not terrible, but a little weird, bulky and ultimately, unnecessary.Chalk it up to Mysteries of the Universe. Read more


I’m done!  It’s done!  I’m done! Now to make Shabbos…Shabbos?  What’s Shabbos?And why do I have a hunch my oven’s acting flaky?  When I took out the banana cake, and raised the temperature from 350 t… Read more

I am an orphan with big manga eyes

Chas v’shalom!  But look at those big blue eyes.  I brushed his hair, for a change, which left him slightly sleepy and dazed.Wrestling with Naomi.  Two damp, ready-for-naptime kids! Read more

Summertime Frap-u-chee-lo

Dunno why, but that’s what I’m calling this! 4 frozen coffee cubes, microwaved with2 tsp condensed milkuntil hot – stir ‘till well-blended.Top up with 6 frozen coffee cubes andenough milk to reach th… Read more

Naomi, reading a book to Gavriel Zev

"A ... is for apple; B... is for tomato." Me:  "What?" (poke head in from kitchen) "Hmm... I think that's a BALL." "Mommy!  We're pretending it's a toma… Read more

Brown baby

Naomi Rivka:  "I call this my brown baby." Me:  "Which one is it?" "This one."  Holds up doll. "Oh, because it has brown hair?" "And brown eyes." "L… Read more


Shh… genius at work.  Okay, just me and my muzzy-from-baby brain.But still:  a deadline is a deadline!(post-it freely plagiarized from this blog) Read more


Just came across this while thinking about hats for YM for his new yeshiva... Read more


I never got a picture of my father's Uncle Yossel who we visited in Israel.  He looks just like my zeidy, but older, paler and kind of smooshed.  Shorter, fatter.  I remember my zeidy as very t… Read more

Car rental AARGH!

Trying to arrange a car for our trip to Calgary in 2 weeks... you'd think a "Canadian owned and operated company" would quote its prices in CANADIAN dollars, right??? But no. And the guy … Read more

YM's distance ed registration for September

Well, this was the easy part!  Slowly, slowly... three courses last year was SO hard:  I cannot imagine how we will cope with SEVEN. Plus full-time yeshiva, plus night seder, plus 3 other kids???  :-o … Read more

Hmm… trial menu for Ottawa trip next week

One of the reasons I married Ted:  his list-making abilities!Went to start a food plan for our trip and, of course, he’s already got one going…SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayBreakfastAt HomeCereal and��… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Plans a Trip!

To: Ottawa JCC, Cc: Israeli Embassy in Ottawa Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:39 PM Subject: Upcoming Events
Dear [her name]:

While planning a visit to Ottawa, I noticed two upcoming musical eve… Read more

What a difference a reservoir makes!

And now, we move on to the sub-irrigated section of the garden, which is veritably THRIVING!Sub-Irrigated Planter #1:  Children’s Garden Roma tomato, plus store-brought broccoli seedling.Both doing g… Read more

SFG update – good, bad, ugly

Alright.  A quick update in case anyone cares.  Bad, bad, bad.They are light-deprived, nutrient-deprived and everything is doomed.But I love them anyway!Square Foot Garden Bed #1:Corn, beans and asso… Read more

The long and winding

Okay, dumb.  I pulled this hose reel out of the trash a while ago and it’s been sitting at the side of our house because it didn’t come with the 2-foot length that you use to attach it to the faucet.… Read more

July Garden Highs and Lows

Low, low, low would be the accidental tree-branch falling on one of the hanging side-door Ikea planters, breaking the hanger it was hanging from, toppling the whole thing upside-down, and de-spiking … Read more

Beautiful Day in the (Farmville) Neighbourhood?

No value judgements for what follows, please!  We’re all friends here, right?!?I have become slightly addicted to the World’s Stupidest Game on facebook.The “game” is that basically you run a small f… Read more

So is there a hierarchy?

In this wacky world of stay-home moms, is there a hierarchy?  There certainly is a spectrum.  Many mamas mean different things when they say they’re home with their kid(s).For me, it means we are hom… Read more

Feeling the pinch: it's all about the ratings!

Well, apparently my second-most popular post at the moment is the one about pinching tomatoes! (the most popular is my Windows Live vs Picasa review post, which I have updated a few times in respon… Read more

Potato Disappointment, Year 3

So a few weeks ago, one of the hanging grocery potato bags flowered, and then the vines got very long and drooped.So I waited, and the vines got droopier, and finally, on Friday, I thought, “there mu… Read more

Beach Outing

In an attempt to build family togetherness, my desire to spend a day at the waterplay area of the zoo thwarted by rather cool, dank weather, I took all the kiddies to the beach!We have kind of a sys… Read more

What is STUFF? Why is it so cheap? (or not)

Here's a cute-but-serious video that explains what are, I guess, the basics, in a way that is both entertaining and riveting... and why we should care! So much STUFF … Read more

STUFF from Ikea

So that last post (The Story of Stuff) was actually apropos of this article, which my mother cut out and brought over for me. (I guess she's taken over the article-clipping role from my father...… Read more

This little monster…

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Judy likes Toto

"Judy likes Toto." (sideways glance at me; a dare, to contradict her, to tell her "Judy" is only Judy Garland, the real actress who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.)

"Judy Read more

Shabbos foods and potty mouth!

Dinner: Swiss Steak Mashpo (organic po's w/skins) Corn Veg -? Lunch: Blintzes Teriyaki Salmonoodles Hmm - veg? Too tired.  Cannot think. New twist on that "baby waking up in the middle of the night&q… Read more

Yay, I'm a winner! Yay!  Sometimes it's wondeful to be utterly shameless... Read more

Seeds of an idea

Naomi, in the car today:  "What would happen if you took seeds from a pepper...?  If you took seeds from a pepper that you grew in the backyard, and you took out the seeds, and you saved them un… Read more

Balabusta at large: Easy No-Touch, No-Mess Challah Rise

I know some people love making challah because it’s  hands-on.  I love it because I’m a bread snob and cannot stand anything but the freshest possible bread, period.I also know that if you make bread… Read more

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