Beautiful Day in the (Farmville) Neighbourhood?

fvlogoNo value judgements for what follows, please!  We’re all friends here, right?!?

I have become slightly addicted to the World’s Stupidest Game on facebook.

The “game” is that basically you run a small farm by planting crops, collecting eggs from animals, etc.  Fun, wow!  Wheeeee!  Eggs!

But if you get really good at the game (I’m at Level 11), you can expand your farm to be able to plant even more pictures of crops and collect even more imaginary eggs from your cartoon animals.

The catch – if it’s not enough of a catch that you’re wasting moments out of every precious day playing this moronic thing – is that you can only expand your farm by adding eight neighbours.

I currently have only three neighbours (of whom I only know two in real life).

That’s because the game is deathly dull… and I am such a snob, I only associate with smart people.   And all the people I know are too smart to play it.

BUT here’s how you can help if you’re reading this!  You don’t have to play the game, I promise, just sign up here and add me as a “neighbour”.  Pleeeeze???

Oh, I may occasionally send you something exciting like a grapefruit tree or a cow, but I promise, you really never, ever have to play.

I wouldn’t wish this thing on an enemy, let alone a loyal (facebook) friend like you!


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