Judy likes Toto

"Judy likes Toto." (sideways glance at me; a dare, to contradict her, to tell her "Judy" is only Judy Garland, the real actress who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.)

"Judy likes Toto," another sneaky look my way.

Me: "I hear you saying Judy likes Toto."

"Not our Judy." (a friend and neighbour down the street)

"Some people are named Judy."

"I don't think Dorothy likes her name... so... she calls herself Dorothy. She tells everybody her not-real name."

"Why does Dorothy have a tornado?"

Off to read and re-read one of my favourite kids' books, , by one of my favourite authors, Lauren Child. Oops...let's try pasting that link again and see if it works, shall we?

Here's another one of her books that we've loved: a classic, irreverent & funny retelling of Princess and the Pea, The (oops)!


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