Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What a difference a reservoir makes!

And now, we move on to the sub-irrigated section of the garden, which is veritably THRIVING!

Sub-Irrigated Planter #1:  Children’s Garden Roma tomato, plus store-brought broccoli seedling.

sub-i planter SIP #1 sub-i planter SIP #1 

Both doing great, though the tomato has no fruit forming yet.  But…I just noticed today that the broccoli has a flower!!!

broccoli starting to flower

Sub-Irrigated Planter #2:  “Early Tiny” cherry tomato, plus Sweet Chocolate Sweet Pepper.

 sub-i planter SIP #2 sub-i planter SIP #2 

I love this tomato!  These are the seeds from an unknown cherry-tomato variety I saved from last year (got the seeds from  I guess “Early Tiny” isn’t really a good name, because this thing grows into a $#!%^ TREE, taller than me so far.  Like they say, the size of the fruit has no bearing on the ultimate size of the plant. 

It is incredibly prolific, too, perhaps rivalling the Sweet 100 I bought, which has the huge drawback of being a hybrid, meaning I can’t save its seeds.  This is one I will for sure be saving for next year. 

I also gave away a ton of seedlings this spring (2009)… I really hope there are many other gardeners around the GTA enjoying watching these yummy tomatoes ripen (or maybe even better gardeners than myself actually eating some by now!).

It bears gorgeous, uniformly-sized cherry fruits that ripen on their spurs (8-10 per spur, and I’m using the word spur which I just made up because I don’t know the real word!) one after another in the most beautiful rainbow spectrum.  Last year, they were my most reliable tomatoes, week after week!

Here are this year’s so far:

early tiny cherry in sub-i SIP #2

Argh!  I cannot find last year’s… so I shall have to download it from Facebook, where it was my profile picture at the time!

temp_last year tomatoes

Anyway, I suspect this thing would grow fine in a pot of sand.  In a sub-i planter, it is growing into a monster and I am hoping for tons of yummy fruit!

Sub-Irrigated Planter #3:  Ildi tomato, plus Sugar Baby watermelon

sub-i planter SIP #3

Tomato doing great!  Flowers, no fruit forming yet.  However, the watermelon isn’t doing much of anything.  Perhaps because I felt sorry for a “spare” Ildi tomato seedling and stuck it in the corner of the pot, where it’s probably depriving those poor watermelons of every hope of sustenance.  I really must get that seedling out of there before it takes over the pot!!!