Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hmm… trial menu for Ottawa trip next week

One of the reasons I married Ted:  his list-making abilities!

Went to start a food plan for our trip and, of course, he’s already got one going…







At Home

Cereal and
cottage cheese

Cereal and
cottage cheese

Cereal and
cottage cheese


Sandwiches in car

Fresh Bagels

Viva Pizza ???

Bagels in car


Bakey tato bar

Salmon @ ‘rents

Pasta? Instant something?

Home - seudah

We’re not sure if Viva’s Pizza still exists, however, because there’s now a fleishik restaurant listed instead at the JCC in the Shamash kosher restaurant database.

Which, if you don’t know about it, you should, because it’s a great, comprehensive listing of kosher restaurants just about everywhere!!!

Have I mentioned I hate hate hate sandwiches of almost all kinds?!?

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