Car rental AARGH!

Trying to arrange a car for our trip to Calgary in 2 weeks... you'd think a "Canadian owned and operated company" would quote its prices in CANADIAN dollars, right???
But no.
And the guy was so dumb about it when I finally caught on.  (they were too good to be true!)
I was, like, "is that in Canadian dollars?"
"No, that is in dollars."
"Well, we call our currency dollars, so you can't just say 'dollars' if I tell you I'm in Canada, travelling to Canada, renting a car from a Canadian company.  Because to Canadians, 'dollars' means Canadian dollars.  So the total you just gave me - after I said that I live in Canada, and use Canadian dollars - is that rate in Canadian dollars?"
"No, that price is in dollars."
Australians, too, I bet.


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