YM's distance ed registration for September

Well, this was the easy part! 
Slowly, slowly... three courses last year was SO hard:  I cannot imagine how we will cope with SEVEN.
Plus full-time yeshiva, plus night seder, plus 3 other kids???  :-o
He wants to graduate properly, not get some rinky-dinky GED like the other kids... and I do agree that his yeshiva does not emphasize English subject enough to get him into university.
But, sheesh.  Just sheesh.  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Seven courses, times 20 modules each... equals 140 modules.  Divided by maybe 35 weeks in the school year = 4 modules per week.  Hmm.  That sounds doable, on paper.  With Yamim Tovim, there are probably more like 30 weeks,  however.  Which is FIVE modules per week.  One per day, Sunday through Thursday, rain or shine.
Maybe we can do it, after all... but I already know that some of these modules are going to be huge.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

My son, {yup, ds1!}, was a student ...in the 2008/2009 school year.
I would like to register him in the following courses for the coming 2009/2010 school year:
I wasn't certain whether the civics course (CHV2O) is a half- or full-credit course.  If it's a full credit, we may end up not keeping the Science course, as that is probably too ambitious for one year.
Please confirm that you've received this and let me know what else is necessary in order to register.


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