The long and winding

new hose reel winderOkay, dumb.  I pulled this hose reel out of the trash a while ago and it’s been sitting at the side of our house because it didn’t come with the 2-foot length that you use to attach it to the faucet.  So I had a mental note in the back of my head to pick up a short hose whenever I had a chance, maybe in the trash or something.

Me and my mental notes.

So of course, time passes and the hose reel becomes a permanent, useless fixture at the side of the house.

Well, not entirely useless.  We wound the hose onto it last fall, which was nifty but entirely non-functional.  But at least it meant we could shovel the driveway without running into loops of hose.

Yes, last fall.  Because I just figured out - you know where I picked it up from the curb, meaning to do something with it, and never getting around to it…?

It was on my way to my friend Charlene’s baby shower.

For her twins who are now two years old.  While I was pregnant with my baby who is himself turning two in a couple of months.

So when my mother asked if I wanted any hoses, I naturally said NO!  My father’s hoses are mostly known for the charm of their ultra-frugal homemade patches.  I pictured mismatched hose lengths tied together with dental floss.

But I did mention that I was looking for a 2-foot length WITH both ends attached.  She didn’t think she had one, but then the first object she grabbed and pulled out as she rummaged in the garage was… a 2-foot length of garden hose, not brand-new, but perfectly mended, just waiting to be used.

Thanks, Daddy.

Naturally, it works perfectly.  Not a drip or untoward spritz from the thing.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to wind up the hose and have it sitting there neatly, all ready for action.

Okay, at the moment, since I watered out back, it is sitting lazily all over the driveway.  But I’m going to go out there and wind it up, I promise!  How could I not, now that it’s so easy?!


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